100% Heart
100% Nature

For 30 years the highest quality standards, controls, evolutionary techniques of cultivation, rational fertilization, respect for the land, product traceability.

We are leaders in the cultivation and distribution of curly endive, escarole, sugarloaf chicory, red radicchio and spinach for 30 years.

Our strength in recent years, is the processing of the 1° range products.

Our project evolves through the respect of precise planning rules that lead to high, monitored and, above all, continuing throughout the whole year quality stadards.


Highest quality, environmentally friendly, energy self-sufficiency and closed chain: the cornerstones of our initiatives.

All our products are good, guaranteed and traceable from the choice of varietal seeds to the choice of production sites, from the experience of the traditional use of modern techniques of farming and processing, to the reduced energy consumption to rational fertilization, by constant monitoring to the lots traceability …


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