Highest quality, environmentally friendly, energy self-sufficiency and closed chain: the cornerstones of our initiatives

All our products are good, guaranteed and traceable from the choice of varietal seeds to the choice of production sites, from the tradition experience to the use of modern farming and processing techniques, from reduced energy consumption to rational fertilization, from constant monitoring to lot traceability.

  • self-production of our seedlings
  • we plant according to the rules of good agricultural
  • practice farming with rational and consistent fertilizing controls
  • we work according to sustainable agriculture and traceable
  • we wash and assemble the products according to high quality standards
  • we prepare our salads within 24 hours from harvesting
  • we get natural organic fertilizers from our productive activity, then re-used on our land
  • we deliver products with our methane-fuelled means of transport
  • we use the vegetable waste to produce new energy we use energy from renewable sources
More about our DNA

Natural Compost

We Farm following a production procedural guidelines named "Lotta integrata" certified by "Suole e Salute"


Self-production of our seedlings

Biogas Production

We use vegetable waste in order to produce new energy

We plant

We carefully select the production lands and varieties and We seed following the good rural practive production guidelines

Clean Energy

All the energy for our factories come from solar panels


Balanced fertilizers and constant fields check

Ecological Transport

All our means of transport, internal and external, are using methane.


Trackability, Sustainable Agricolture, Washing and Packaging following the higest quality standards

Ready to eat!

Our production process gives your salalds and vegetables 24 hour from the harvest. Directly brought to your table with all our love!

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