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For 30 years the highest quality standards, controls, evolutionary techniques of cultivation, rational fertilization, respect for the land, product traceability.

We are leaders in the cultivation and distribution of curly endive, escarole, sugarloaf chicory, red radicchio and spinach for 30 years. Our strength in recent years, is the processing of the 1° range products. Our project evolves through the respect of precise planning rules that lead to high, monitored and, above all, continuing throughout the whole year quality stadards.

The First Range production has been accompanied by the Fourth Rage, to face all the requests of a developing market, respecting our agricoltural heritage: care of our lands and love for our rural traditions.

  • We accurately select the varietal choices and our production sites
  • We use modern techniques, respecting our heritage
  • We check every single moment of our production: all the procuct life is trackable
  • We farm respecting the environment, following an eco-friendly development
  • We use wastes to create new energy
  • We invest everyday to gain a better competitiveness and high quality standards


The company is paying attention to the environment on the production cycle to be more competitive on the local and European markets.

Thanks to the new project “ closed chain management” the company Ambruosi & Viscardi complete the actions to achieve the target finalized some years ago to improve all the aspects in the production process.

The company’s strategy in the last three years has been able to create the independent energy level to respect the environment, trough the inputs coming from production process itself.

The chain is claimed “CLOSED” because all the production phase are implemented directly by the company organization, from the seed to the final product.

We use only “OGM free” to produce young plant at our nursery, that we transplant in our farms, to produce trough certified protocol with integrated pest management. After the harvest the product is processed in our warehouse.

We build the photovoltaic panel on the top of the pack-house (power 1,2 Mw) and a biogas plant (power 250 Kw) worked thanks to the daily lettuce waste.

We use the residues of the biogas as organic fertilizer for the field, to improve the organic matter on the soil, for the new production cycle.

The transports and logistic is made by trucks at metan gas, to be competitive and to respect the environment.

Here we reassume the company’s strategy:

  1. Environment respect: the landscape is our working place, our hearth, our collaborate employee and we have to respect and to use in a sustainable way, to collect the best fruits in the long term.
  2. Self-sufficient company: the company is able to optimize field crops and to produce energy from each production sector, to use vegetable waste to produce biogas, electric energy and metan gas to the trucks.
  3. Competitive: better competition, also thanks to the production cost reduction and the improvement of the quality and service level are the good results of the investments of the last years. The company Ambruosi & Viscardi is open to the future because of the investments in research and development, to create the basis for the health and sustainable growth.


The experience gained over the years is surely one of the strong points of the company, which from the beginning has aimed at achieving a guaranteed and qualitatively exemplary production.


  • By means of appropriate varietal choices;
  • With the accurate choice of the production sites;
  • Through the use of modern farming techniques;
  • With “low environmental impact”productions and low energy consumptions;
  • With irrigation systems that offer advantages in terms of water volumes’ saving;
  • With rational fertilizations, considering the real needs of the farming;
  • With the phytosanitary defence based onthe “integrated pest control mangement”principle;
  • Through the constant farming’s control in the field by technicians and qualified agronomists.
  • With the Lots’ Traceability that allows us to reconstruct all the story of the product starting from the moment of the sowing in the nursery.


The Ambruosi & Viscardi company considers the environmental conservation a fundamental aspect for the quality of life and the sustainable development.

The choices made on the subject of the environment not only ensure the continual and punctual respect for the legislation and the applicable regulation, but allow us also to achieve a continual improvement of the environmental performances, always aiming at preventing pollution. All this is done because the company wants to guarantee that its productions are made respecting the environment. Thus, all the investments made in the last years have limited the impact our productive chain has on the ecosystem.


All the factories in Sant’Elpidio a Mare are entirely fuelled by clean energy obtained by using 6600 solar panels put on the factories’ roofs and able to produce 1.2 Megawatt of clean electric energy, which permits energy self-sufficiency.

All the garbage got in the production process is managed through agreements with companies specialized in recycling and, in case of special waste, with waste disposal companies.


We consider the possible environmental consequences also in the transport phases, trying to limit the impacts where possible. Here is why during the choice of the lands to be cultivated, in the evaluation parameters, we have introduced also the distances from the business centre and the theoretical consumptions of fuel, in order to limit the transports and the emissions in the atmosphere.

Another choice has been that of buying methane-fuelled means of transport, replacing the diesel-fuelled ones, and our aim is to replace all of them.


At present, it is used as organic fertilizer on our lands and in part it is carried to our biogas plant to produce electric energy. The energy produced will be used to fuel the new fifth range factory.

The residual compost produced by the plant will be used as organic amendment to fertilize the lands.


The quality and healthiness of the product are guaranteed by regional, national and international standards certifications.

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